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Turning a Contact into a Qualified Lead

There is no shortage of ways to get a contact at a prospective account.  In the off-line world there are traditional and still powerful techniques such as partner or customer referrals and attendance at trade shows.  On-line we can connect through LinkedIn or Facebook.  We can perform an email marketing campaign.  Alternatively our storefront to the internet, our website, can provide us with contact information to follow up on.

Qualification the Hard Way

Once the contact has been collected you need to judge their propensity to buy your software.  Tracking that contacts behavior on social networks and your website is a definite way to understand their interest.  But the only true way you will know you have someone your sales team should be focused on is when they want to try your software out.

Software Downloads Don’t Work

A download of an evaluation version of your software is fraught with uncertainty.  Was the download successful?  Were they able to easily install your software?  Once they installed your software, did they actually use it?  In fact, an increasing number of your customers ban the ability to download software behind the firewall, and so this is not even an option for some of your customers.

Shipping Sales Engineers with Software is Costly

Sending your software with a sales engineer to install your software on your customers system may appear to be a sure-fire way of gauging interest and ensuring a good user experience, but that’s a very expensive way to do it.  Increasingly your customers are spread out all over the world, so you could be spending thousands on airfares and accommodations.  That may be considered a small price to pay if the ASP of your software is high enough, but what about the opportunity cost involved.  While your valuable sales engine is on the plane, in a hotel or asleep in a different time zone they cannot be serving other potentially higher qualified prospects.  Finally, after the software has been installed on-site at the prospect your sales team is blind.  They don’t know when the software is being used, how often, or if it’s being used at all.
All of this effort and cost can ultimately result in a very expensive “fishing expedition” and the potential loss of other prospects that would have been better served.  This is where Xuropa comes in.

Three Steps to Prospect Self-Qualification

By installing your software on the Xuropa Platform you now have the perfect vehicle to qualify leads from all of the globe 24/7.

Step 1: Invite Your Contacts

Take the contacts that you’ve generated from a trade show or an email campaign and invite them to try out your software on the cloud.  Using Xuropa you simply upload your contacts and send out an email from the platform.  The platform includes a link that takes your prospects directly to your software on the cloud.

Step 2: Your Contacts Self-Qualify

Those prospects that click on your invitation link will start using your software on the cloud with just their browser.  There are no downloads or installations at all.  And the whole process is extremely secure.

As your prospects use your software (or review documentation, presentations, or manuals, etc.) the Xuropa Platform is gathering data.  Everything that your prospect does is analyzed and their propensity to buy calculated.

Step 3: Automated Prioritization and Follow Up

The Enterprise level account of Xuropa provides sales analytics, lead qualification and prioritization tools.  Each prospect is literally plotted on a Sales Funnel and ranked for your marketing team and sales team to follow up appropriately.
Now you can replace the costly and vague processes of software evaluations of the past with a powerful software sales solution.  Xuropa was built from the ground up to enable your customers to qualify themselves while they use your software and provide you with complete control and visibility into your customers and how they use your software.
Check out the Case Study if you’d like to see the results that Cadence Design Systems were able to achieve.

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James Colgan is the Founder and CEO of Xuropa, a unique cloud-based Sales & Marketing Platform for packaged software vendors for the demo and retail of their products via the cloud. Built upon a unique lead nurturing and analytics engine, Xuropa enables software vendors to conveniently deliver their products on the cloud and drive the resultant sales pipeline to increase revenues and profits.
Built upon nearly 20 years of high-tech experience, James has been pushing the envelope of cloud computing, focused on the intersection between the cloud, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Social Media Marketing, particularly as it relates to traditional installed software.