Value Lies at the Intersection of Disparate Disciplines

James Colgan

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There’s an excellent discussion going on over on the Cloud Computing Google Group about the pace of migration of traditional software to a SaaS model. Here I recently went into some of the very real reasons why the migration is slower than some would like, but didn’t really talk about the pace of adoption.  There are some numbers that make for some interesting analysis. According to PwC, in 2009, the top 100 software vendors (traditional non-SaaS) generated 3.7% of their revenues from SaaS in the US; and 1.1% of their revenues from SaaS in Europe.  In the same report, the US has a 44% market share and Europe has 36% market share by revenue (License, Maintenance and Support). According to Gartner, in 2010, the WW installed enterprise software market grossed about $104 Billion.  So, roughly, we could say that installed software vendors (US & EU only) brought in nearly ... (more)

Installed Software Leverages Cloud Computing, Not Replaced by It

Explore why not just revenue streams and business models are slowing the demise of installed software.  And see how independent software vendors and their customers are leveraging the cloud.... Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has arguably been around since the launch of SalesForce.com in 1999. We could even say that it’s inception pre-dates even this milestone, but under a different name - Application Service Provider (ASP). Remember those? The revenue growth rate of the SaaS market is a healthy 22%, and has grown to around $12 billion annually. At the same time, installed software i... (more)

Cognitive Dissonance in the Cloud

There is an interesting article over on Cloud Times that begs the question of, “why isn’t there more usage of SaaS as a percentage of overall software use/revenue?”. The cognitive dissonance in the market between “SaaS is going to be everywhere” and “SaaS will hit $16B in 2015″ has baffled me. In addition to the reasons stated by Jason Currill (CEO of Ospero) in the article, of why SaaS won’t deliver 100% market share any time soon, there are: Multi-tenancy of data is a problem with many industries; Performance of compiled vs interpretive languages for applications such as simul... (more)

Lead Generation and Qualification Case Study

A traditional method of generating leads is to attend an industry focused trade show. This is extremely useful to not only generate leads, but also to qualify them. With a brief conversation a seasoned sales professional can quickly ascertain the prospects propensity to buy. However, software sales professionals need cost effective ways to generate and qualify prospects year round and globally. The best way to do that is to have your software available on the cloud for prospects to try out for themselves, with just the use of their browser. Data gathered while the prospect uses ... (more)

Duolog Tools Available on the Cloud For Evaluation

We are very proud to announce that Duolog Technologies have now made available all of their products for hands-on evaluation on the Xuropa Demo Platform. “The Socrates Lab on Xuropa puts our tools into the hands of our customers within minutes. This has given users the ability to efficiently evaluate Bitwise from the comfort of their desks,” said Ray Bulger, CEO of Duolog Technologies. Here’s a little background on each of the tools that you can try for yourself: Socrates Bitwise: Effective HW/SW integration is one of the biggest challenges facing System-on-Chip (SoC) develop... (more)