Value Lies at the Intersection of Disparate Disciplines

James Colgan

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IDG just published a very concise summary of some of the myths about cloud computing that regularly do the rounds.  Written by HP and Intel, it’s a very quick read, but useful reminder of some of the key topics related to the adoption of cloud computing. Here are the main points: Myth #1: The public cloud is the most inexpensive way to procure IT services As our own analysis has shown, when your workloads are running constantly and you already have a private cloud or data center, you’re better sticking with what you have than moving to the cloud.  One of the key benefits of the cloud is flexibility and agility, not necessarily cost. Myth #2: Baby steps in virtualization are the only way to reach the cloud Not sure about this one.  I wonder how many IT departments would really make it a step-function move to virtualization without first moving a targeted group or port... (more)

CRM as Jarvis the Butler

OK, part of why this post is here is that it gave me an excuse to put up an image of Iron Man. Out of all of the Avenger movies that have come out recently, this has to be the best IMHO. Maybe it’s because of Robert Downey Jr.’s acting ability, I don’t know - he plays RDJ so well though! But I digress. What really caught my eye was an article on Forbes.com that gave a peak into the future of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) made by Anthony Leaper of SAP. Essentially, in the age of absolute awareness of your customer’s actions (and reactions), your CRM should be able to ta... (more)

Step by Step Way to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

There’s a useful check-list blog post by Pamela Vaughan on hubspot that lists up “6 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation“: Participate in LinkedIn Answers Add LinkedIn Applications Join LinkedIn Groups Conduct a LinkedIn People Search Experiment with LinkedIn Direct Ads Try LinkedIn Mobile Expanding upon step #3, here is a step-by-step process for quickly engaging with the LinkedIn community and finding out what works and what doesn’t. 1. Create a Target Customer Profile You should be doing this as your basic go-to-market operation.  Who are your customers and what do they ... (more)

10 Steps to Generate Leads for Software Sales Online

Photo (cc) by Flickr user Leo Reynolds. Lead generation is one of the primary roles of your marketing organization and the greatest demand of your sales force. As markets become more globalized your marketing team needs to make greater use of the web in generating leads for your sales team to follow up on and close. Here’s a list of 10 key steps to take in generating those leads. 1. Identify Your Prospects List the key characteristics of your target customers in order to find where they are on the web, what they are interested in, and what is likely to make them take time out of t... (more)

How Quickly Will Software Vendors Move to the Cloud?

There’s an excellent discussion going on over on the Cloud Computing Google Group about the pace of migration of traditional software to a SaaS model. Here I recently went into some of the very real reasons why the migration is slower than some would like, but didn’t really talk about the pace of adoption.  There are some numbers that make for some interesting analysis. According to PwC, in 2009, the top 100 software vendors (traditional non-SaaS) generated 3.7% of their revenues from SaaS in the US; and 1.1% of their revenues from SaaS in Europe.  In the same report, the US has a ... (more)